Samsung Galaxy S8 to release April 21

Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

Definitely making up for its explosives.

Against all odds, the reviews for Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 have been insanely positive. The design and aesthetic of the phone have been the focal of all the good feedback. It’s tall, narrow and has adopted the curved screen display previously reserved for Samsung’s “Edge” Galaxy, relaying a feeling of comfort in the hand. With a lack of a physical home button, it’s more screen (5.8 inches to be exact) than anything.

“Simply gorgeous…It’s hard to explain exactly why the S8 feels more polished and luxurious than any other perfectly nice flat-faced phone. It just does.” – Cnet

Samsung will sell two models of Galaxy S8 phone. There’s the regular Galaxy S8 and the larger display Galaxy S8+ as the company moves away from having a secondary model with an “Edge” designation.

Though there were a few questionable physical flaws noted in the demo. The fingerprint reader is right next to the rear camera lens, meaning the constant possibility of smudgy fingerprints clouding your 12MP images. While the face unlocking security feature has posed more security questions than excitement, the front camera boasts an impressive 8MP resolution. Water and dust resistant is an OCD feature that should pacify a few people too.

It comes as no surprise, that Samsung has introduced an AI source that talks to you through your phone. Bixby is Samsung’s version of Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. It hasn’t been completely developed yet, so it is unconfirmed whether Bixby will be ready for its incorporation into the Galaxy S8, a factor that does put it quite behind its competitors.

It’s obvious the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is giving Samsung a second chance at life, with its release needing to salvage its reputation and consumer trust after its very public ‘meltdown’ with the Galaxy Note 7. As it stands, the Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s most important product yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in Australia 21 April 2017.

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