Kickstarters That Need Your Attention

So much to choose, so little time to decide.

Ah, Kickstarter, the place of constant and a never-ending supply of crazy concepts, insane innovation, and simply great ideas. However, anyone going into the site might simply get drowned in the amount of possible projects they could fund. I would often spend hours trawling the site, finding new projects, comparing the pledge rewards, and eventually backing the standout from the bunch. But I’m not like most people who have the effort or the time to really invest into the search, let alone figuring out if the projects they find are truly of value.

Not to fear, I’ve sifted through the crowd of projects currently available, and below are some amazing projects seeking your help in funding.

Baubax Jacket 2.0

Off the coattails of the original Baubax jacket, also known as the most funded apparel in crowdfunding history- raising more than $9.2 million USD, is back with its sequel. Touting itself as ‘The Worlds Best Travel Jacket’, the Baubax 2.0 has a stunning array of features which leave you wondering how they fit all of it into one jacket. Inflatable neck pillow – check. Built-in gloves- yup. Earphone holders- add it to the list. Footrest- why not? Travel bottle- you already know.

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The jacket also has a bunch of pockets for your various electronic devices from your phone to your tablet, and even a top-secret RFID protected pocket for your sensitive information. If you want a jacket with literally every essential item needed for travelling, the Baubax Jacket will have you covered.

The jacket comes in a variety of styles and types from sweatshirts to bomber jackets, with the early bird price coming at around $150 AUD if you pledge to them now. Check them out here.


Are you the type of person that wants form over function with their watches?
This is the device that is perfect for you. Humism, using the energy of the automatic watch creates a constantly moving and ever changing piece of art. As time changes by the second, so does the design of the watch. It comes in three styles, Eudaimonia, Geist, and Dasein. My personal favourite goes to the Eudaimonia, I could see myself become completely entranced by the seemingly infinite and shifting circles.

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To top it all off, 5% of all sales of the watches go to ‘The Red Pencil’, a non-profit organisation providing art therapy to people suffering from emotional trauma such a natural disasters or domestic abuse.

To get the watch through Kickstarter, you’ll need to pledge around $340 AUD. Good news though, shipping for the watch is free worldwide. Find out more here.


I have a couple of backpacks, not because I’m addicted to buying bags, but because they all serve different purposes. One for uni, one for travelling, and a third for when I head off to work. OnePack is by far the clear solution to my problem. This nifty little backpack is made for everything, similar to the Baubax Jacket, it’s an all-in-one product designed for every sort of situation. The compactness needed for travelling, the style points for uni, and the professionalism for the workplace, OnePack is an extremely versatile backpack for the people who desire hyper-organisation for their bags. The bag contains a crazy nineteen pockets and two main storage sections, capable for packing a three day trip.

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It also packs USB functionality for charging your electronic device and a headphone jack to listen to music along, this water-resistant and lightweight backpack is built for any situation and scenario.

Coming in a variety of colours, OnePack can be grabbed with an discounted early-bird price of around $102 AUD. Check it out here.

Shiftcam 2.0

While nothing can compare to a proper professional camera in terms of quality, you can certainly get as close as possible through your mobile device with this Kickstarter. Although camera lenses for your smartphone aren’t brand new concepts, the main issue about these lenses is having to attach and detach them in order to use them, especially if you want to use multiple lenses. This can often lead to moments being lost as you spend time clumsily snapping on the lens. ShiftCam basically lessens this problem almost entirely through a simple – as the name suggests – shift system with the case itself.

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It provides a large variety of different lenses including wide-angle, fisheye, as well as long range and traditional macro.

Sadly though, you’ll be out of luck if you are an Android user, as these cases are only available for the latest iPhone users (7, 8, X, Plus). ShiftCam 2.0 can be bought through a backing of around $63 AUD. Find out more here.

Mu One

Often when I travel overseas, I’d have to take a dizzying amount of different chargers just so I could charge my electronic devices. Annoyingly these would almost always take up a great deal of space in my travel luggage. Plus on top of that, carry a numerous amount of plugs due to the varying ports throughout the world. Enter Mu One, the world’s thinnest international charger. A 45W Type-C fast charger, Mu One is capable of charging smartphones, tablets as well as Macbooks and Notebooks. The product features an easy to use interchangeable plug head system, which Mu One says allows you to use the product in over 200 countries worldwide.

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Mu One is also amazingly thin, with a max width of 14mm. You can back this now and get yourself the Mu One here, but bear in mind that the starting pledge only nets you a plug and no cable – but you can chip in more for a Type C cable.

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