iPhone 8: What we know so far

For anyone with even a mild interest in mobile technology, September is an exciting time, and this month will be no exception.

Apple’s annual keynote event will begin tomorrow at 3:00am AEST  – 10:00am in California’s Apple Park. The presentation which is to be hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook in the newly-erected Steve Jobs Theatre will reportedly unveil the most expensive array of iPhones yet – the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and a mysteriously-labelled “iPhone X“:

Thanks to Apple’s latest software leak, rumours have been circulating about the latest iPhone’s unique features:

“Face ID”: face recognition

Last Friday, details of iOS 11 (Apple’s latest software update for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches) were leaked online by Apple developers which marks the sixth major leak from the company itself. The leak came much to the delight of Apple iPhone developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo who have been providing Twitter audiences glimpses of new features such as iPhone X’s “Face ID” recognition which will make the fingerprint-sensitive Home button obsolete. If this prediction is correct, it could revolutionise the Apple Pay function:

Despite this new function which will allow even more simplified accessibility to our iPhones, it sparks new concerns for personal privacy from Apple who already have access to most of our personal data. On top of this, facial recognition technology could be compromised with the possibility of using a person’s image to access their device, however it has been reported that Apple will successfully find a way around this issue.

New and improved screen format

Apple will soon be matching its competitors, with an all-new screen appearance which will mirror that of the Galaxy X8 and Note 8 and LG’s V30 and G6 models. The screen will reach the phone’s edges, with a small cutout at the top for an earpiece speaker, front-facing camera and sensors. Leaks from Apple developer Guilherme Rambo have revealed a possible prototype for the screen’s appearance which suggest that the Home button will be gone for good this September, meaning the phone’s side buttons may take on new roles such as activating Siri and displaying Apple Pay cards when double-clicked.

The “D22” iPhone model glyph which was released in July by Apple’s own developer Guilherme Rambo (Image: The Guardian)

Portrait lighting mode

The iOS11 GM leak has also revealed multiple new modes of lighting: Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono and Studio Light, which (if true) will be a field day for the selfie-obsessed. This feature will be a drastic improvement on iPhone 7’s Portrait mode effect which already produces images with quality similar to that of a DSLR’s quality.

Introducing Animojis

As expected, Apple have injected a bit of fun into iOS11 which sees some of the emoji favourites coming to life on the Apple screen. Emoji will now be 3D and may follow your facial expressions or use voice recognition to animate emoji characters such as the unicorn, robot, panda and of course, everyone’s favourite, the smiley poo.

Apple’s emoji’s will come to life in Apple’s latest software release (GIF: GIPHY)

Despite the emoji’s seemingly pointless but admittedly fun upgrade, Tim Cook is expected to release a mountain of other new features which will include new Airpod, Apple TV and Apple Watch models. A year of speculation will soon end with Apple’s keynote event which can be viewed on Apple’s live stream.

Featured Image: Apple