Apps to get you organised for Valentine’s Day

From finding a date this Valentine’s Day to planning that perfect surprise – we’ve got all the apps you need.

With the busy lives we all lead it can be hard to find time to organise a date for Valentine’s Day. It seems fitting that as we begin to use our smart phones more to help us organise our daily business, that they could also help us plan something romantic. While there is no denying that it is possible for the right technology to be utilised as a dating tool, there are thousands of apps on the market, so how do you know which ones to use? Well, we’ve attempted to make this seemingly insurmountable task possible. Compiled for couples, singles and secret admirers alike, this guide narrows down the best dating apps on the market making this Valentine’s Day just that little bit easier to organise.

Dating Apps

If you are a single and looking for a date this Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult to choose from one from the hundreds of dating apps that are out there. Deciding on whether an app will suit you really depends on who you are, and what you’re looking for. We’ve rated the top five apps based on a general age category (approximately 30-60 years of age) and the goal of finding a lasting relationship. If you’re still not convinced about which app will be perfect for you, try sampling a few in order to gauge a better understanding of what you’re really looking for and which app will help you to find it.


The number one dating app in Australia for people aged  25-60 years is RSVP. One in three successful couples that have met online have met on RSVP.  The app is based on a ‘kisses’ system where you send or receive ‘kisses’ for free and when you are ready to start an online chat with a person you buy ‘stamps’. The ‘stamps’ open up 30 days of contact via instant messaging with any other RSVP member and retail for $45 for 3 stamps. RSVP can credit its success as the most popular dating site in Australia due to the vast number of members. Nearly 1,200 people join the dating website daily creating a massive pool of  singles of all ages and interests across the nation.
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Elite Singles

Elite Singles App
As the name suggests, Elite Singles is an exclusive dating app for people looking for well educated, professional singles. It’s quite an elitist dating app and is recommended for people aged 35-60 years of age who have an interest in finding a well-read partner. The app is  relatively simple to navigate. After registering for free you are directed to a personality test where you are asked various questions about your personal interests and preferences. The app then uses these answers to generate a list of users that you are most compatible with. From there it’s as easy as deciding which people you would like to personally contact through instant messaging. Unfortunately while you can register for free you cannot really utilise the benefits of the app without really upgrading to a Premium Membership, which starts from $22.95  per month, depending on how long you’ve signed up for.
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LoveAgain App

LoveAgain is an app for those aged 25-60, who have already been in a serious relationship and are looking for like-minded people who want to experience long-lasting relationships. Similar to RSVP’s ‘kisses’ system, LoveAgain utilises a ‘wink’ system where members sends each other ‘winks’ to demonstrate their initial interest. From there members can send each other personal messages and use a variety of ice-breaker techniques to start chatting. LoveAgain prides itself on appealing to a more mature audience and is ideal for people who aren’t sure about online dating. It’s a very easy to use app and is popular due to its non-invasive nature. The system opts for a more natural approach to relationships and encourages building lasting friendships just as much as romantic relationships. Memberships start at $21.99 per month.
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eHarmony App

eHarmony encourages people aged 25 years and older to use this dating app. However, actual users of the site describe it as a more mature audience and recommend the app for singles aged 45 years and older. eHarmony is an app that is about finding committed and serious relationships using their trademark 29 Dimensions of Compatibility Test. This test asks questions related to a person’s emotional state to their values and beliefs in order to generate a list of the most compatible users. Once eHarmony has generated this list of matches you can begin to send ice-breakers or short messages to let people know you are interested. You then answer a series of questions to ensure that you do share common interests and values and then finally you can begin to e-mail one another. Memberships on eHarmony start at $55.99 for the basic package.
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Be2 App

Be2 is an Australia’s dating app that allows for exclusive matchmaking for singles aged 45 years and older. To sign up to this app you must answer a personality test comprised of 60 questions which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. After this test you can search for potential partners among the matches that the app generates for you, and you can also filter your searches to ensure that you find people that meet your criteria. Be2 promises their premium members at least ten matches which is a positive step in the right direction for finding a mature, reliable partner. Memberships start for $28.69 a month.
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Apps for Organising a Date

If you’re already in a relationship but are struggling to fit in organising the perfect Valentine’s date, then we’ve got you covered. With apps that can assist you in surprising your loved one with that last minute gift, to apps that can book tables at your favourite restaurants around the world, this year’s Valentine’s Day is set to be your most organised ever.

OpenTableOpenTable App

OpenTable is an international bookings app which allows you reserve and manage restaurant reservations free and instantly. There are tens of thousands of restaurants registered with OpenTable with over 1000 of these located in Australia. This guarantees that no matter where you are in the world you will never have to leave eating out to chance again. If you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language OpenTable has a translation feature where you can book in the country’s native language without the struggle of trying to communicate over the phone or in person. There are also plenty of diner reviews ensuring that you can always make informed choices in order to experience the best dining options for you.
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Couple App

If you would like to stay in touch with your partner via the convenience of social media but don’t like the lack of privacy that comes with it then this might be the perfect app for you. Couple allows you to share photos, messages, video and other content exclusively with your partner. It has a built-in private timeline so that you can create a shared history together but still keep it private. It also has a calendar feature which allows both people to create to-do lists, find near-by restaurants and schedule dates.
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Petals App

If you’re infamous for forgetting to send roses on Valentine’s Day it might be time to download the Petals app. This app is the Australian equivalent of international florist networking apps such as Interflora. It allows you to send flowers almost instantly with a huge variety of Australian florist to choose from.  The app also provides you with notifications regarding your real-time online order, which can be helpful if you’re trying to ensure that your delivery arrives at the right time. You can also set a delivery date in advance which is perfect if you’re a bit forgetful, or if you are trying to earn some extra brownie points this Valentine’s Day by remembering to send a beautiful floral gift.
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Foodily App

Tired of the same old dinner and a movie date with your partner? Try spicing things up this Valentine’s Day by cooking a gourmet meal at home. Foodily is the world’s largest recipe network and gives you access to a host of delicious recipes. It allows you to search and save recipes of all difficulty levels making it ideal for even the most amateur of cooks. The advanced-search function also allows you to find recipes by ingredients or diet type, such as paleo or gluten-free.
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iGetAbout Australia

iGetAbout App

If you’re still stuck with what to do this Valentine’s Day iGetAbout is an easy-to-use app which provides you with places to see and things to do all around Australia. You can use the ‘Near Me’ function to find inspiration for the perfect date close to home, or if you’re feeling adventurous why not explore some of the other things to do on the extensive list of places to stay and see? With more than 10,000 contacts built into the app you’re bound to find something different and exciting to do this Valentine’s Day.
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