Stephen King’s Hidden Connections: The Dark Tower and IT

Spoilers ahead… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you have read enough of Stephen King’s books you will know he’s no stranger to breaking the fourth wall inside his own fictional multiverse. And for his two upcoming films, IT and The Dark Tower, this little habit is making its appearance.

Hidden in plain sight is one of the first noted connections in The Dark Tower trailer, where the film references Stephen King’s other story IT.

See if you can spot it below.

Jake Chambers walks past decaying sign reading Pennywise

Still photo from The Dark Tower trailer

The word Pennywise is arched dismally in the background above Jake, while balloons stand (or float?) on Jake’s right. And as many of you know, Pennywise is the evil clown in the novel IT. Or, at least, the popular form the creature named IT uses to lure the children of Derry into its underground nightmare.

But are there other connections between these two movies? Connections like Maturin the Turtle, protector of the beams that support the dark tower and the same one who, during a stomach ache, spewed out the universe in the novel IT. Mayhap it’s the deadlights the creature named IT uses to cause suffering to the point of mere death in its victims, just as the Crimson King in The Dark Tower possesses. 

And on that note, here’s another connection which King fans should make note of.

A desktop picture frame shows what looks like Overlook Hotel from Stephen Kings' Shining film

Still photo from The Dark Tower trailer

Does that hotel in the picture look familiar?

It eerily resembles the Overlook Hotel in The Shining (Here’s Johnny!). And what would make a curious mind wander is why these two connections are in the film. As any movie buff will tell you, every shot in a movie is planned, and everything within the shot serves a purpose. It could just be to excite the crazed fans, but we all secretly hope it’s not.

And while these are the only two publicly accepted connections to other stories in The Dark Tower trailer, I must throw in one more image – not a possible connection, but something no one is yet to distinguish.

A monsters with horns pointing down from its ears shows off its sharp teeth

Still photo from The Dark Tower trailer

It’s a quick shot in the trailer, one where a blink would cause you to miss it. There’s plenty of monsters from The Dark Tower series which could fit the description of this creature. I’d say Mordred Deschain (**Spoiler Alert**)  a were-spider (think were-wolf) which appeared when Roland and Susannah had an orgy with two demons. But according to the casting for the film, Susannah isn’t making an appearance in this one. And that’s because (**Spoiler Alert**) this movie is a continuation on from The Dark Tower novel series.

As for the IT trailer, there is not much to report on with connections to The Dark Tower or any other Stephen King creation. However, one video (below) found some interesting details in the trailer indicating this movie has been thoroughly researched. Details like the disappearance of Patrick Hockstetter, the character who (**Spoiler Alert**) had a crazy side where he’d lock animals up in an old discarded fridge, slowly watch them starve to death and gain pleasure from it.

Finally, I’d like to make one last point about the IT trailer, one that could find its way into The Dark Tower, and one that (perhaps purposefully) misses a vital detail in the story. Bill Denborough, also known as Stuttering Bill, doesn’t stutter in the trailer. And the link to The Dark Tower? Well, Stuttering Bill is the nickname of a robot in the book series, known as ‘William D-746541-M Maintenance Robot, Many Other Functions’.

Whether we’ll see more hidden connections like these in the films, well… I guess we have to wait for that.

Until then, long days and pleasant nights and see you later alligator.