Get your buckets ready. Here are some of the worst injuries to ever take place in sporting events. (WARNING: Some of the following videos and images may cause distress.)

Cory Hill – UFC

As you can imagine, the UFC is never short of outrageous injuries, but this one tops the lot of them. Cory Hill, a welterweight fighter who won 6 from 15 fights, brutally snapped his leg in noodle-like fashion in a bout against Dale Hartt on the 10th of December in 2008.

Hill attempts a low kick to the leg and is blocked by Hartt, you can check out the break in the footage below. Tragically, Hill passed away from complications from pneumonia at the age of 36 in 2015.

Paul George – Basketball

During a Team USA inter-squad showcase match on on the 1st of August, 2014, Paul George suffered one of the most horrific leg breaks ever witnessed in sport. After attempting to block a James Harden lay-up George flies into the Basket stanchion and the mess that follows is truly disgusting.

George was a near certainty to make the final Team USA squad, and as a star player it was a massive blow to his team at the time, The Indiana Pacers.

Check out the horrific break below.

Ewald Lienen – Football

During the 1981/82 Bundesliga season, in a match between Werder Bremen and Arminia Bielefeld, Ewald Lienen suffered a horrific cut to his right thigh after a brutal tackle. Even with a cut that left his femur visible, Lienen somehow gets up and runs over to the opposing coach and gives him a piece of his mind.

Lienen returned to the pitch after 4 weeks but the fall out after the event was large. While in hospital Lienen started legal action against Bremen and the then coach, Siegmann. The Bremen coach also received a large number of death threats and was placed under police protection.

Check out the injury in the video below.

Clint Malarchuk – Ice Hockey

A big warning for this one, Distressing content ahead.

Clint Malarchuk, playing for the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL suffered a cut to his neck during a game on the 22nd of March 1989. Steve Tuttle of the St. Louis Blues, was pulled down and slid skates-first into Malarchuk in goals, leaving a gash in Malarchuk’s neck severing the Carotid artery and slicing the Jugular vein. According to doctors, over 300 hundred stitches were needed to close his neck.

With blood spurting out of his neck, Malarchuk left the field with the assistance of the team trainer. Players were vomiting on the ice, and fans were completely horrified by the incident. It is said that two fans even had a heart attack.

Malarchuk suffered serious mental health issues following the event, and has written a book about his life experiences titled ‘A Matter of Inches’. To read an exert about what he remembers from the night click here.

To view the injury (at your own discretion) watch the video below.