Survival Guide for the Melbourne Cup

The nation stopping, day event is a near 13 days away. The fashion, the wins, the horses and the many fails.

We’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for the day. Plus things that you shouldn’t forget to take:

1. License or identification card. Self explanatory.

2. Fascinator, statement headpiece or hat. Whats the point of attending the Melbourne Cup without one?

3. Cash or card. You’ll need both.

4. Comfortable shoes. Ladies this one’s for you. Every year, there’s always a handful of women who end up barefoot because of uncomfortable shoes. Opt for shoes with a wedge or thick heel. Stilettos are a big no with the grass. Consider packing a pair of flats.

Shoeless women. Nils Versemann. Image: Shuttershock

5. Band-aids or gel cushions. Ladies and gents this applies to you both. You never know when they’ll be handy.

6. Stay hydrated.

7. Sunscreen. Before you leave don’t forget to slap some on. We don’t want any sunburns here!

8. Transportation to and from the event. Sort out public transport options before the day. If uber’s and taxis are more your thing, book ahead or plan to be dropped off/picked up in side streets.

9. Weather alerts. Checking your weather app days before is a necessity. This may alter your outfit.

10. Poncho or umbrella. If there’s forecast of some rain throughout the day you’ll need one. The event doesn’t have shelter to cover all patrons so expect to get wet.

Raining Melbourne Cup. Fiona Hamilton

11. Sunglasses.

12. Betting apps. There will be ques. So downloading betting apps such as TAB, Ladbrokes, sportsbet or CrownBet is your best betting option. Don’t forget to set up an account prior!

13. Blotting papers. If you haven’t used them before, get on it now! The papers remove any excess oil or sweat from your face. They don’t pick up makeup either so perfect for you girls!

14. Download the “Flemington Raceday Guide” mobile app. Designed to organise your day, view transport options and finding your way around the venue.

Find it here Flemington Raceday Guide App

15. Expect a crowd. The event welcomes over 120,000 patrons.

Melbourne Cup Crowd. Vince Caligiuri

16. Touch up makeup. Pack a lightweight lipstick or powder to quickly throw on when your face is looking dull or your makeup has somehow come off.

17. Remember it’s not a nightclub. That extremely short, tight fitted dress is more suitable for other occasions. Keep the length at or below the knee.

18. If you can’t breathe in your shirt or it’s subsequently choking you around the collar, it’s time to get a new one.

19. Do your research on the horses and betting terms. You want to look like you’ve got it under control.

20. Stay classy. Day drinking is fun but remember there’s a chance all of Australia will see you.

Patrons Melbourne Cup. Jason Edwards