ICYMI: A Sporting Update

The sporting world has been a strange place of the last few months. The Spanish La Liga has been turned on its head, the Lakers can’t seem to win a game, and the Cleveland Browns won a game (Yes, you read that correctly).

Teams are starting to show their true colours, while some shine, others appear to be falling from grace. Let’s take a look at what you may have missed.

The Cleveland Browns have broken a losing streak that spanned 635 days, one of the longest in sporting history.

Image via The Big Lead

The Browns narrowly beat the Los Angeles Chargers, 20 – 17 on Christmas Eve of 2016. That was the last time they would win a game for nearly two years. That would be the last time they would win a game for nearly two years.

On the 21st of September, the Browns just edged out the New York Jets 21 – 17 to break their losing streak.

This to many was on the back of number 1 draft pick, Quarterback Baker Mayfield who assisted four scoring drives and threw for 201 yard, completing 17 of 23 passes. A clear sign of things to come from the promising prospect.

The La Liga ladder is strange at the moment…. to say the least

Image via The Independent

Although defending champions, Barcelona, are still comfortably placed atop the competition ladder, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the Catalunya team, nor its Madrid rivals.

Real Madrid are currently sitting ninth, with many claiming they cannot compete with the likes of Barcelona after losing star player Cristiano Ronaldo. It didn’t help they were flogged 5 – 1 by the competition leaders in the famous ‘El Clásico’, without Lionel Messi. Much to the joy of Spanish football fans, Madrid are closer to the relegation zone than they are the top spot.

Deportivo Alaves are currently sitting second, which is a shock to many, as well as newly promoted Real Valladolid finding their way into sixth position on the ladder after 10 games.

Lebron’s Lakers lost their first three games

Image via WDEF

Many predicted the Lakers to be conference finalists with their off-season recruiting being prominent. This led many to believe Lebron can carry his side much like he did at the Cavaliers in his last few seasons.

The Lakers started the season with three losses, to the Trail Blazers, Rockets and Spurs, who in all fairness are quality teams with incredible players, but none that have the skill or all-round quality of Lebron.

As well as not getting a win on the board in the first three rounds, the Lakers season has been a controversial one after Rondo struck Chris Paul, Brandon Ingram came running in to the scuffle with punches flying.

Check out the fight below:

Redzel went back-to-back, winning the first two Everest races

Image via The Girl Sun

Redzel has won his second Everest, accumulating some unbelievable price money along the way. The Everest is the richest turf race in Australia, with the winner this year taking home $6 million of the $13 million prize pool.

Redzel has snatched a total prize purse of $11.8 million from its’ two outings at the Everest. Compare that to the great mare Winx’s total prize money – just under $23 million after winning 29 races in a row.

Shoals, the race favourite, couldn’t build up any speed and placed 11th in a field of 12, whilst Trapeze Artist, another of the well-backed contenders, came in second.

Manchester United are sitting a lowly 8th on the English Premier League ladder

Image via The Independent

After 10 rounds the Premier League ladder is starting to take shape with consistent performers Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham sitting in the top five, another member of ‘the big six’ sitting is three places down the ladder.

This is a major fall from grace for a club who many consider the biggest club in the world, as they struggle for consistency. They have a talented squad littered with star players – so where do you place the blame for an incredibly average start to the 2018/19 campaign?

There have been calls for Mourinho to be axed and big name signings to be made. Who knows what is to come for the 20 time 1st division title winners – can they find some form and stumble into European qualification spots?