How messi and Ronaldo spend their millions

Off the back of their outrageously expensive Lebron piece, the guns at Boss Hunting have come up with a sequel to spending millions. Not our millions. Lionel Messi and Crisitiano Ronaldo’s millions.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Rolando may have seen a definite end to their 2018 World Cup runs, but they’ll still find other ways to win. Through their bank accounts, for one. As the highest and second highest paid football players around, respectively, the Argentinian and Portuguese natives stand to be two of the greatest performing athletes on and off the field.

Here’s how they stack up against each other for their net worth and how it’s spent.



  • This year, Messi has made $111 million USD, so far.
  • In 2017, he signed a contract worth $80 million USD annually from Barcelona
  • He also holds a lifetime deal with Adidas, and rakes in an additional $27 million USD per year in endorsements (including non-lifetime deals such as Pepsi, Gatorade and Mastercard)
  • On top of all that, Messi is so valuable to Barcelona that any club who wants him must pay an $835 million USD buy out fee…


  • Relatively private and modest with his finances, Messi is difficult to write about. First and foremost there’s his car collection – ranging from a Toyota Prius, two Maseratis, a Ferrari and a few more sweet wheels valued over an estimated total $40 million USD (the Ferrari, a 1957 Ferrari 335 S Spider Scagliett, cost $37 million USD alone)
  • Like any wealthy and wildly successful individual, real estate is no stranger to Messi.
  • In 2009 he bought a Castelldefels house, just outside of Barca, for $2.37 million USD. Since then he’s spent over $7.9 million USD renovating it to his taste.
  • But get this. In 2013, his neighbours were apparently nosy, noisy and rude. Messi initially tried building a wall on his property but the neighbours threatened him with legal action – so, naturally, he bought the property off them.
  • Messi also owns his childhood home in Argentina, though no one lives there anymore.
  • Holidays are no small expense. Occasionally, he likes to travel in style by way of a private jet. This sets him back $5 million USD to $40 million USD depending on whether he rents or owns, but given his modest nature, it’s probably the former.
  • In terms of philanthropy, Messi once commissioned a gold cast of his foot to be made in support of Japanese tsunami relief – it was auctioned off for $5 million USD.




  • In the past 12 months, Ronaldo has made $108 million USD
  • His contract with Real Madrid stipulates an annual payment of $61 million USD… with apparently more to come in the next contract.
  • In response to Messi’s lifetime deal with Adidas, Ronaldo has a lifetime deal with Nike which promises $25 million USD per year.
  • This means he will have earned $1 billion USD from this one deal by the time he’s 73 years old.
  • Endorsements such as this in addition to that of Tag Heuer, Herblife, and for some reason, KFC, accounts for $47 million USD of his annual income
  • He was apparently paid $22 million USD not to appear in a film being made by Martin Scorsese because the subject of the film didn’t want him to be in it… Sorry, what?
  • Ronaldo is considered so valuable to Real Madrid that any club that wants him will be forced to pay a $1 billion USD buy out.


  • First and foremost (again), is the matter of cars – as one of Ronaldo’s biggest hobbies, he drives ’em all. There’s a $300,000 USD Lamborghini Aventador, a couple of Maseratis, a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Bentley, and reportedly fourteen more of the same calibre, including a Bugatti Chiron.
  • Like Messi, real estate is a close friend of Ronaldo’s. He resides in a $7.1  million USD La Finca, Madrid ‘villa’ (within a gated community of course)
  • He also owns an $18.5 million USD apartment in the Manhattan Trump Towers
  • It’s also not surprising to learn he has his own football-themed hotel in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal…
  • Ronaldo has been sighted wearing a $160,000 USD Jacob and Co. watch
  • Like Messi, holidays are also a lavish affair. Private jets setting him back $5 million USD to $40 million USD!
  • Any good businessman will tell you to protect your assets, which is why Ronaldo has insured his legs for a whopping $144 million USD

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