Release dates for all your favourite Netflix series

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It’s been a tough start to 2017. All your favourite Netflix shows have been on hiatus, busy creating the follow ups to some of last year’s best television moments.

But, just when you were starting to think you might actually be productive this year, Netflix has dropped the release dates for all of the original series you’ve been desperately pining for, perfectly stretched out across the entire year to maximise both enjoyment and procrastination. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of some of the biggest upcoming releases – so get out your diary, and start planning snacks; the binging is about to begin.

WARNING: This article contains many, many spoilers for previous seasons of the listed programs.

Master of None (Season 2)

Aziz Ansari’s highly personal show premiered on Netflix in 2015 and became a huge hit almost immediately. In fact, Time Out New York called it “the best show of the year.”

In Season One, we met 30-year-old Dev (Aziz Ansari), an actor trying to make it in New York. During the show’s premiere episodes, Dev struggled to navigate the messiness of everyday life: dating, friends, moving into full-blown adulthood. But, the first season was also a wonderfully diverse and thoughtful one, daring to tackle the big picture stuff: our relationship with technology and how it affects us, racism and the representation of diversity on screen, our goals and expectations of ourselves, and how we deal with an uncertain future.

The last season’s finale ended with all the uncertainty with which it began. A hopeful Dev has made the sudden decision to move to Italy, and study pasta-making. We don’t yet know how that decision has gone, but the teaser trailer for Season Two shows him riding a Vespa through the Italian countryside..

The Emmy Award-winning comedy returns to Netflix on May 12, 2017.

House of Cards (Season 5)

Anyone who watched the show’s last season remembers the final, spine-chilling shot. For the first time, both Frank and Claire Underwood stare down the barrel of the camera and into the eyes of their audience.

“We don’t submit to terror. We make the terror.”

For Season Five, there’s no doubt that it’s a whole new ball game. The Underwoods are no longer the hateful, feuding couple battling each other for political power that we saw in the turbulent fourth season. They are a unified and terrifying team – and they’re ready for war.

A late return for the series, having previously released its new seasons in February, this year, House of Cards is set to return to Netflix on May 30, 2017.

Orange Is The New Black (Season 5)

Jenji Kohan’s female-led prison drama ended on the mother-of-all cliffhangers last year. Following the tragic death of beloved character Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley), tensions in Litchfield climaxed in a final confrontation as prisoners and guards converged on each other in a face-off that left Daya (Dascha Polanco) with a gun and viewers with one big question: will she use it?

The Season Five teaser trailer hasn’t told us much. It’s a barrage of faces and emotions: anger, shock, fear and hurt – everything we felt after Season Four’s devastating finale. What we definitely do know is that OITNB will return to Netflix on June 9, 2017.

Stranger Things (Season 2)

Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016 as an homage to the works of two of the world’s favourite Stephens (King and Spielberg). The show has reached wide critical acclaim after a massive first season, and quickly became one of the platform’s most watched shows.

At the end of Season One, we find Will Byers is back in the Upside Up after his mother, Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Jim Hopper (David Harbour) rescue him from the lair of the horrifying “Demogorgon.” But something sinister is happening to interrupt the young boy’s return home. Eleven is feared dead after using her incredible powers to destroy the monster, however that, too, is up in the air for the show’s return.

In February, Netflix dropped an extremely vague and confusing trailer at 2017 Super Bowl. There’s images of a laboratory, Eleven’s terrified face, Ghostbusters references, and an indication of a much worse monster than we’ve ever seen before.

All we know is that Season Two will pick up essentially where the first left off: in the Summer of 1984. And we still have a while to wait for our questions to be answered, with the highly-anticipated show set to return on October 31, 2017 – Halloween.


Release dates for several more highly-anticipated Netflix programs are set to be announced soon, including: The Crown, Jessica Jones, Narcos, Black Mirror and The OA, so stay tuned.