Perth Fringe Festival 2020 Guide

Perth Fringe Festival 2020 Guide A Simple Space. Photographed by Chris Herzfel. Image supplied

The greatest two months for Perth’s cultural and arts scene is here!

Aborigi-LOL: The Return

The two men behind Aborigi-LOL, Matt Ford and Dane Simpson, definitely know how to entertain the crowd. Considering that at last years Fringe Festival was a sold-out season it proves that the duo are set to keep the crowd in hysterics for another year at Fringe. The comedians are the exact opposite, with Ford being more cynical and bold and Simpson tending to stick to storytelling and dad jokes. Regardless, there is obvious chemistry present on stage. If you want a cultural comedy show that challenges your thinking, then this is the show for you. Image supplied: Fringe World 2020

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Yagan Square, Perth WA 6000 Friday 17 - Friday 24 January from $26

Karen from Finance is Out of Office

This show is every part camp as it is outrageous and fun. We present you with Karen from Finance is Out of Office – a performance filled with everything from videos, to animations, voiceovers and singalongs that involve the crowd in the fun and leave them in fits of laughter. Karen from Finance really knows how to put on a drag queen show, so don’t be fooled – Karen is definitely out of the finance office and is ready to put on one flamboyant comedy show.Image supplied: Fringe World 2020

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Russell Square, James St, Northbridge WA 6003 Friday 17 January – Sunday 02 February from $20


Last year, Railed captivated the Fringe World crowd with its high energy comedy circus that displayed a team of men performing a range of incredibly difficult acrobatic skills. Perth crowds will be thrilled to know that the Railed crew are returning to Perth once again, this time with a western-themed performance alongside their 18+ humour. Railed is the perfect show to watch with a group of friends or on a date. Image supplied: Photo credit Mark Turner

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various locations Friday 17 January – Saturday 09 February $30-$39

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Random Acts of Kindness

Everyone loves a hypnotist show until they are the one that’s called on to the stage – except at a Matt Hale show, every guest is vying for Matt’s attention so that they can be hypnotized by one of the greatest. Matt Hale refuses to embarrass people on stage, meaning this show is perfect for those wanting something that is light-hearted yet hilarious with imaginative tricks and acts. All those who attend one of Matt Hale’s shows leave with a plan on returning – his shows are that great!Image supplied: Fringe World 2020

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Various Venues Friday 17 January – Sunday 16 February from $25

Gingzilla: Live & Loud

Gingzilla calls herself the “ginger bearded glamonster” and her cabaret show is filled to the brim with singing and sass. Each of Gingzilla’s shows are designed to discuss and eradicate societal norms so you can expect a show that is not only fun and flamboyant but also exposes vulnerability. Gingzilla: Live & loud was voted as one of the Top 15 drag Shows in Britain by The Guardian and has been featured on America’s Got Talent, X Factor UK and The BBC – so she definitely knows how to own a stage. Image supplied: Fringe World 2020

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Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge WA 6003 Friday 17 - Sunday 26 January from $28

A Simple Space

A Simple Place is an acrobatic performance without the glitz, glamour and theatrical embellishments. Instead, the seven acrobats have stripped the performance back to highlight their inspiring displays of strength and skill. Performed at The Woodside Pleasure Garden, A Simple Space is accompanied by live percussion, meaning you can hear and feel every beat, breath and stomp. A Simple Place is definitely one to watch, especially with its long list of awards.Image supplied: Photo credit Chris Herzfeld.

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Russell Square, James St, Northbridge WA 6003 Saturday 18 January - Sunday 16 February from $38

Puppetry of the Penis

This is a public service announcement: this show is rated ‘very hot’ on the Kleenheat Sizzle Factor, so be prepared for a night of uncontrollable laughter and humour that is every part shocking as it is fun. Designed to be a light-hearted show for the uninhibited, Puppetry of the Penis involves two men performing their ‘best bits’ including the Hamburger, Eiffel Tower and the Lochness Monster.Image supplied: Fringe World 2020

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92 Roe St, Northbridge WA 6003 Tuesday 21 January – Sunday 02 February from $35


FEMME is a captivating solo dance performance which follows the journey of choreographer and performer Erin Fowler through her experiences as a fashion model and businesswomen. In this performance, awarded with the Best Dance Award at Adelaide Fringe 2019, Erin captivates the audience as she searches for her sense of self and explores her femininity, sexuality, body and gender in a busy and noisy world. FEMME is a show filled with passion where Erin tells her story through impressive and well-coordinated dance movements.Image supplied: Photo credit Chris Herzfeld

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2 Wellington St, Perth WA 6004 Wednesday 29 January - Friday 07 February 28

YUCK Circus

YUCK Circus is one of the drawcard shows for Fringe World 2020 and we can understand why! In just over two years, amongst performing to crowds in Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury Festival, YUCK Circus have been awarded Fringe World’s top Martin Sims Award and Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe. This team of powerhouse female artists demonstrate how empowering it is to be a female acrobatic performer and YUCK Circus works to break down gender stereotypes in the performance world while also discussing topics people find awkward. Image supplied: Fringe World 2020

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Russell Square, James St, Northbridge WA 6003 Saturday 01 - Sunday 16 February 30

The Aspie Hour

The two stars of The Aspie Hour, Sophie Smyth and Ryan Smedley share a few things in common: they were both diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in their youth and they share a love for musical theatre and cabaret. The creative pair have combined their similarities to create The Aspie Hour – a show filled with misread social cues and awkward behaviour that explores the misconceptions about having Asperger’s in an inclusive and theatrical way. Definitely a must-see!

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Perth Cultural Centre, 53 James St, Northbridge WA 6003 Tuesday 11 - Saturday 15 February 28

Feature Image: Perth Fringe Festival 2020 Guide A Simple Space. Photographed by Chris Herzfeld. Image supplied