Netflix introduces interactive storytelling shows for kids

Netflix has now given power to the kids as the streaming giant launches “branching” narrative titles.

Starting with Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale, Netflix has introduced you-choose-what-happens-next shows as part of its children’s programming. The shows will let viewers pick the outcome of the story, controlling how the the narrative will unfold in a new model which branches out beyond linear television. Puss in Boots will offer a total of 26 story options for viewers to choose from.

The interactive content is compatible with iPhones and iPads and some select smart televisions and game consoles. Trapped in an Epic Tale is available today, with Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile available next month, and Stretch Armstrong available next year.

Interactive content puts kids in charge. Image: Netflix

This interactive content launch follows two years of development and extensive research, working with both content creators and viewers to understand if this kind of model is something that would resonate with users. Feedback so far been positive, starting with parents who like the fact that their child has the ability to make decisions and a “take a seat in the director’s chair,” say Netflix’s director of product innovation, Dr Carla Fisher.

It was a smart for move Netflix to start with children’s content as more than half the members worldwide stream children’s content each month and the kids/family audience is growing more rapidly than the overall Netflix membership base.

“For now there are no plans to produce branching narrative titles for adult audiences,” Fisher tells Sydney Morning Herald,” but now that the groundwork is laid we’re interested to see how our members will interact with it and what kinds of stories our creators choose to tell.”