It’s only day 2, but we’re hooked.

So we thought we’d share our top 25 things we thought throughout episode 2 of MAFS 2019.

1. Mick, did they tell you this isn’t Farmer Wants A wife?

2. Let’s see fake lashes, lips, nose and plenty of good ol’ botox injections…Yep Jess has it all (just our opinion)

3. Seriously, you’re going to pair Dino the quiet meditation guy with Melissa? You are not experts.

Image via Channel 9

4. Surely Melissa didn’t actually get lost in her own apartment block…

5. Is she getting a taxi from Sydney all the way to the countryside? Expensive.

6. Wait, that’s Jess’ brother?! Let’s see more of him please.

7. How rude of Jess’ sister to say she wouldn’t like the look of Mick.

8. Yes, back to the brother. Looks even better smouldering…off to do a little insta stalking.

9. Ok back to whirlwind Melissa. How can she be so late to her own wedding? Why didn’t the cameraman wake her up?
10. Oh God, are Dino and his groomsmen meditating in the limo?

11. Um, where’s the groom?

12. Actually, it would have been better if he didn’t show up. Show off. What groom comes in on a horse.

13. Aww, actually he’s kind of sweet.

14. Actually HE IS SO SWEET, HE JUST PROPOSED. New Favourite.

15. Ok, he’s a little much. Should have stuck to the vows.

16. Oh wow, Dino and Melissa’s photoshoot is a little awkward…

17. Melissa didn’t just turn Dino’s nephews name into a sneeze sound did she?

18. Melissa hoeing into that bread role – relatable. Power to her.

19. Back to Jess + Mick. The fairdinkum couple of 2019. Moody Rhyce is totally about to kickstart trouble. But not if daddy dearest gets in first.

20. Nope we were wrong. Broxy did it all by himself. Viagra and pleasuring yourself – two things that should be left out of best mans speech.

Image via Nine

21. Clearly the only thing Melissa knows about Dino is that he is ‘spiritual’.

22. Oh Rhyce is back! Is he SUPER SHORT?…Who cares, still smouldering.

23. And now ex-boxer daddy is thrown into the mix. Let’s see how this plays out for Mick.

24. Are Mick and Jess going to get it on?!

25. Melissa and Dino definitely aren’t.

Feature Image via Channel 9