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MAFS: Ep 13 Recap + What Australia Thought

Last night we saw the departure of Lauren and virgin Matt from the experiment. 

And what a sad night it was…Well actually, not as sad as what we assumed, as a whopping 71% of our loyal and reality TV addicted readers shared they saw the failed relationship coming! Sorry Channel 9, the suspenseful ads appear to have been a waste of time and money.

However, the episode which saw 1.274 million Aussies tuning in, was a rollercoaster of emotion. From the highs of Mick and Jessika’s relationship strengthening to the lows of Mel reluctantly announcing that her last sexual encounter was NYE in 2009, the show had it all. But what did Australia really think of it all?

1. Cam + Jules are by far the favourites…and we’re a little bored with that. 
Yep, when asked, Hunter and Bligh’s readers were split on how they felt about the loved up couple with 49% of readers confessing their utter love for them, whilst the other 49% shared a similar love, however, we’re keen to share they were also extremely bored with them…how sad – the ones who actually find love on the dating show are just not what Aussies want to see.

2. Cyclone Cyrell is a little too fierce.  
Nick, we just want to let you know Australia feels for you. From being screamed at for not topping up her glass, to being yelled at for not wanting to show PDA and being feed chicken feet and a raw goose egg yolk – Nick has been through it all. Yet he stands by his newly appointed wife. But Australia asks the question, why?!

Cyrell’s latest 2:00am threat to walk out on the marriage had her in hysterics as Nick did not beg her to stay…Well, 3 out of 4 of our readers agreed with him and say that Cyrell had no right to be upset with Nick. 51% of those readers simply put it out that that Cyrell is just too dramatic. The concerning figure though is that 2% of our readers thought that Cyclone Cyrell had every right to blow on through their apartment. Let’s just hope they are enjoying the drama.

3. Many of us don’t really care for Mark or Ning. 
Bless, the couple that seems to have only a smidge more airtime than the forgotten couple Martha and Michael, don’t really have any true supporters, especially after their latest gym debacle. When asked which team our readers were on, 55% of them said #noteam, simply because both parties were overacting. Interestingly though, when we take a little closer look, one third pledge allegiance to #teamMark.

Ning and Mark clearly distressed they’re not feeling the love.Image via Channel 9

 4. We’re a cynical bunch. 
Here we go, the major draw card to Married at First sight 2019. Ines and Sam, and the secret relationship.
We asked our readers what they thought of the secret affair and the results were interesting. Not one of you thought it was positive (Ines + Sam, be prepared for a little hate coming your way). A whopping half of you said you see right through it – that the whole thing is a stunt and has only happened to drive ratings. A little over a third of our readers took the moral ground and shared their feelings of sorrow for their cheated partners, Bronson and Elizabeth. While the remaining 13% of you think they are just bored and making the best of a bad situation…

5. We don’t like liars. 
During Ines’ icy fake smile filled commitment ceremony, our readers were thinking two things: How can Ines continually lie??!! (43%) and AS IF THE EXPERTS DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE AFFAIR (45%). Honestly, how can we be expected to think that the experts haven’t seen any footage in regards to the affair…another lie if you ask us.

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