Kingsman 2: After Parody Comes Farce And It Doesn’t Really Matter

Here’s what to do before you go and See Kingsman 2, the Gold Circle – have a stiff drink and suspend sense and disbelief, because you won’t need either of those things.

If you liked the first movie and the whole teenaged James Bond – shot with the noise violence and colour of a rap video then you will enjoy this movie- Lord knows I did.

The plot of this movie is exactly the same as the last movie – cinematic evil super villain wants to take over the world via mind control and the Kingsman have to overcome a series of obstacles to save the day.

In this movie the suitably deranged super villain  is Poppy, played by Julianne Moore, who runs a Cambodia based drug cartel from a 1950’s Happy Days theme park deep in the  jungle and is frustrated that she isn’t recognised as a brilliant business woman.

Image via screenrant.com

To gain that recognition that she craves she imbeds a virus in the drugs she is shipping to the world – a virus for which of course she has the only cure.

The plan is that she infects the world and then for the price of drug legalization and fame she will release the cure effectively ransoming the life of every casual drug user for her ego.

To facilitate this plan – she takes out the Kingsman network, forcing them to join forces with the Statesman,  the American version of their business – which in the way of things are larger and wealthier.

The action is fast, slick and perfectly silly.  The plot is unemployed super model thin, but none of that matters – it’s a roller coaster of stupidity, slick jokes and improbable action scenes but it’s got a great cast and is two and a half hours well spent.

There is Jeff Bridges, Colin Firth, Hanna Alstrom, Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal – but the standout performance comes from Elton John – who stars as himself and steals the show.