Hamish and Andy reveal trailer for new TV series

Hamish and Andy

Late last year, Australia’s favourite comedy duo and all-around lovable scamps, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, announced that they were quitting their radio gig forever.

The pair have been bringing some hearty laughs to commuters and office workers across Australia for over a decade, but now they’ve decided to move off the airwaves and onto the screen.

Having recently wrapped up their “Ten Years in Ten Weeks” program, re-broadcasting the best moments of their time in radio, Hamish & Andy fans have been getting restless waiting for news on what’s next for the guys as the end draws nigh.

Last night, we got answers. Well, kind of.

The pair dropped a very short and extremely vague trailer for their new television show that essentially revealed two things: its title, True Story, and that Hamish and Andy will be in it.

From its one tag line, “Have you ever noticed that truth is funnier than fiction?” we can only speculate that the series will have something to do with real-life stories, most likely of everyday people. This is good news, because after all, banter on the day to day is really what Hamish and Andy do best.

We also know that the show is expected to premiere on Channel 9 around July, so it seems we still have a while to wait.

Cover Image from thenewdaily.com.au