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Game of Thrones Recap: Season 8, Episode 4

Daenerys: Game of Thrones. Image via HBO

The Night King is a forgotten memory while the real enemy rears its head.


Game of Thrones certainly isn’t wasting any time. Goodbye, dim hope that all the furry and scaly characters will be completely fine throughout the next few episodes. Goodbye, fleeting but bright love of Brienne and Jaime’s sweet romance. It was an episode of few victories and many goodbyes.

We’ll start in Winterfell, where the episode kicked off. Many tears were shed over the lost armies and friends in their fight against the Night King, which were sincere and later honoured through one of the classic Game of Thrones ways; drinking. We got a taste of the old GoT with a roaring fire, an endless stream of wine and jesting between the characters we know and love. However, the scene was not without tension. While Tormund was yelling about Jon, and calling him a King, we were not so subtly reminded of Daenerys’ real fear that if the people, specifically the North, found out that Jon is a legitimate Targaryen (and let’s not forget, her nephew – which was FINALLY mentioned this episode) then he would be fully in favour for the Throne. We had the sweet moment of Gendry being made a Lord who was a little brutally brought back down to Earth after proposing to Arya (she don’t need no Ladyship) and she respectfully declined him. Another surprising but totally exciting moment was when Brienne and Jaime (!!) did it, after a whole season of sizzling tension, and we got a lovely little taste of them living happily ever after.

Jaime and Brienne. Image via: HBO

Romance, or failed romance, was certainly a theme in this episode. Jon and Dany had an intense conversation/make out which ended in Dany begging Jon not to tell anyone so that she could stay Queen, which is what he wants, and so they could stay together, which is what they both want. Jon is, however, honourable and truthful to a fault, and he had to tell his family, just as they were poo-pooing his real family (the Targaryen’s). Sansa, even though she swore to keep his secret, immediately told her ex-husband, Tyrion Lannister, who then told Varys. Sansa’s choice to tell Tyrion could be perceived as her being so shocked she chooses to confide in him and also let him know as he is Hand of the Queen, or, a more sinister reason; she is playing the game of thrones and thinks that Jon is the more trustworthy ruler. Another person playing the game is Bronn, who, true to his nature, bargained his way out of killing Tyrion and Jaime, and has now been promised High Garden, which 50% of people who did our survey foretold.

After all the emotional turmoil went down, the political game came into play, with Sansa, Jon and Dany at the head. Jon insists he will stay loyal to Daenerys, but with Sansa so obviously against her, Daenerys is jarred at how stubborn the North is, and how many battles she has to win. Not only has she got the physical battle against Cersei, but she has to play the game of politics to try and win over the North. That, or threaten them with dragon fire until they submit, but I think we all agree this won’t work forever. Especially (please prepare to be extremely emotionally traumatised) since she only has one dragon left. R.I.P. Rhaegal, it was awful watching you be shot, and we will forever be angry at the creators because Daenerys, who was airborne, and the Targaryen Army, who should have been on lookout really should have seen the hit coming (47% of people who took last week’s survey saw it coming!). However, the move did remind us that Cersei is not playing around. She will fight this fight, and she intends to win.

Euron Greyjoy using the Scorpion. Image via: HBO

In other political news, Daenerys advisers, Lord Varys and Tyrion, had two full scenes dedicated to them discussing Jon, the possibility that Jon and Daenerys could marry to rule together (ew though they’re related), and, most treacherously, opinions that Daenerys is unfit to be Queen. How we feel about this, we don’t know. It is certainly being presented to us that Daenerys is seemingly losing her touch. Is this because Jon is going to rule? The suspense is killing us.

After the death of her child, Daenerys was understandably furious and was all for hitting Kings Landing there and then, however her advisers warned her off it and instead she went to chat with Cersei. Because last time went so well. After some drivel from Qyburn, Tyrion does a sneaky side-step and approaches his sister, who for some reason unbeknown to us, because unlike what he said she is a monster, she doesn’t kill him. She has her enemy’s Hand standing in front of her, who also just tipped off her very unstable lover that he knows about her pregnancy when she clearly hadn’t had a chance to tell him, and she lets him walk free? Perhaps she plans to kill him in some other manner.

Cersei and Euron. Image via: HBO

Worth mentioning, before discussing the last scene, is of course that our favourite team are back and ready to take on the Seven Kingdoms. The Hound and Arya are on a path to Kings Landing, ready to fight those they both have unfinished business with, and don’t plan on returning. Finally, much to Brienne’s despair, Jaime has gone to be with his ‘hateful’ sister, but the question remains; Will Jaime reunite with Cersei to fight alongside her or to kill her? 45% of people who took our survey think Arya will be the one to kill Cersei, while 19% think it will be Jaime, and the other 35% think it will be Tyrion or that she won’t die at all.  Just like last week, the ending was intensely captivating. We were all sitting on the edge of our seats, holding our breath and hoping that Missandei would walk free. However, this is Game of Thrones, and the creators aren’t shy with killing off characters that are crowd favourites. Cersei executed Missandei with a cold calmness, one that angered and hurt Daenerys to the core, and broke our hearts simultaneously (the look on Grey Worm’s face, though!). All that we know from the look on Daenerys’ face, is that dragon fire is coming, and it will rain down on man, woman and child until she gets Cersei.

hbo hold hands GIF by Game of Thrones

Best Line:

Missandei: “DRACARYS” (the last words she chose to speak to both her friend and Queen and her love).

Significant Deaths:

Missandei, Rhaegal

Biggest Jaw-Drop Moment:

Rhaegal getting shot down from the sky (BIG sad)

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