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Game of Thrones Recap: Season 8, Episode 2

This week we got a big serving of sentimentality, with a side of some intense dodging skills, demonstrated effectively by Jon Snow.


Last week we said that the “calm before the storm” vibe was strong. This week, that would be an understatement, as nearly every character except the usually pessimistic Tyrion foretold their imminent death. This did not mean that we missed out on a good amount of new couple alerts, more reunions and some hearty alcohol consumption (we’re looking at you, Tormund and Pod).

Let’s start at the beginning. Jaime Lannister is back in Winterfell, looking a whole lot less golden and minus a hand. It was made clear that pretty much no one trusts him, (except Brienne and Tyrion) and while he stood at the mercy of the Starks and Targaryens, Bran got his tiny morsel of revenge by slipping in the sly reference to the first episode of the series, “The things we do for love…”. For those who took our survey last week, 63%  said Bran was waiting for Jaime only because he had important information regarding the Lannister army, which he did, and the other options were tied. 13% said Bran wanted to forgive him, while the other 13% said he was just chillin for no reason. It turns out none of the options were exactly right, as Bran and Jaime’s little talk in the God Wood revealed that Bran knows Jaime serves a specific purpose in the battle to come, even though Jaime is not, by his own admission, the fighter he once was.

Jaime in Winterfell. Image via: HBO

This was definitely a Jaime-heavy episode, as he’s been away, living it up with his sister/lover and having to go through literally all of his kids deaths (except one, who is tucked away safe [?] in Cersei’s belly, which was #confirmed by the Dad himself and was predicted by 50% of those who took our survey), and now that he is back everyone is keen for a catch-up. After apologising to Bran and showing one of the most almighty character growths in the show, Jaime spends the night before the very real possibility of everyone’s demise with his sibling he’s not inappropriately involved with, and even manages to crack a few laughs about that old incest thing. Tyrion, after receiving quite the scolding from Queen Dany, showcases a little bit of the forgotten Tyrion, joking about wine and prostitutes.

Ser Jorah gave Daenerys some advice and called her Khaleesi (which was a much-needed throwback), after which she sought out Sansa and gave the audience almost what they wanted, which was these two powerful women joining forces. While the joking about Jon Snow’s height was obviously quite funny for the two of them, and other pleasantries were exchanged, Sansa wasn’t going to let Daenerys get away with sweet-talking her into submission. She wants the North, and she wants it bad. She also apparently wants a certain Theon Greyjoy, if we can take anything away from those loving glances and tight embrace.

Daenerys and Sansa. Image via: HBO.

Speaking of Theon, he is back, and ready to defend the ever-creepy Bran, which isn’t all that comforting as he is known for losing a lot of battles, however it certainly was touching. Bran reminded us all that he is very important, and Samwell let us know once again he’s the shows biggest baddy because he stole some books.

However, the prize(s) for episode winner(s) has to go to Brienne of Tarth and Arya Stark. Brienne obtained her professional goals, both as a reward for being one of the most honourable people in the show and for being exceptionally talented in her field of work, despite the odds being stacked against her, while Arya took what she wanted, when she wanted it. Briennes knighting was utterly heartfelt and one of the best moments in the episode for both Jaime and herself, and their relationship was reaffirmed in the most beautiful way. Arya, graceful and poised in the way her character has been developed, showed that she could be a ruthless trained assassin with an epic kill list and still give in to her very human curiosities and desires. So, yes, we definitely are all for Gendry and Arya.

Gendry and Arya Image via: HBO.

While some women in the show aren’t falling into the roles originally set out for them, we have a sneaking suspicion that Daenerys is falling into a role Tyrion, earlier in the episode, insists she isn’t, which is that of the ‘Mad Queen.’ This was only reinforced after hearing that she had been getting busy with her nephew, and yet her reaction, after scoffing it wasn’t real, was only concerned with her political position. Jon Snow delivered the news not-so-delicately, and almost looked relieved when the horn sounded to signal the Night King had arrived, allowing him to get out of that awkward conversation quick smart. 50% of those who took our survey said Jon and Dany would most likely continue their relationship, but from the cold glare she gave him at the end of the episode and his almost Olympic-level dodging skills, we think not.

daenerys targaryen smile GIF by Game of Thrones

Best Line:

Jaime Lannister: “Arise, Brienne of Tarth, a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.”

Significant Deaths: 

Zero… *gulps in anticipation of next week*

Biggest Jaw-Drop Moment: 

Arya and Gendry literally rolling in the hay.

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Feature image: Brienne of Tarth. Image via: HBO