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Game of Thrones Recap: Season 8, Episode 1

And on the 15th day (of April) humankind was given… the start of the end.


The first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones is here, and boy, we are being set up for quite the season. With reunions left, right and centre and emotions running high, the first episode of the eighth and final season was partly cathartic and partly throwing off a strong “calm before the storm” vibe, as the looming threat of the white walkers grow.

The opening scene revealed to us that Daenerys had made her way to Winterfell, along with her trusty sidekicks and sidepiece – their relationship, which as we all know, and as of this episode so does Jon Snow, is a ticking time bomb that will implode the newfound loyalty to Daenerys he recently swore, and by extension so did the North. The opening and end scene focused on these two characters and their doomed relationship, both personally and politically, as Sam Tarly helpfully pointed out. Sam’s role in telling Jon Snow the truth is significant, as due to their shared history and trust of one another, it almost had to be him to break the news, but also because of what he has just been told by Daenerys herself, that she executed Sam’s family. Sam’s delivery of the news created doubt in both Jon’s and the audience’s minds that Daenerys is right for throne and that she is as just as she has come to portray.

Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. Image via HBO

On a lighter note, all the Stark siblings that are left are back together, and the reunion scenes, specifically Arya’s and Jon’s, are everything we have been waiting for. That said, we got a little something we weren’t expecting in Arya and Gendry’s flirtatious scene, and can we just say we’re excited to have a new couple to love that aren’t related. Arya had lots to catch up on, as she also had her reunion with the Hound, who isn’t fooling us with his tough demeanour, he’s definitely hiding his pride that little Arya grew up to be bad-ass Arya.

Things are still brewing away in the South, too. Our least favourite couple have made things a little more official, but we feel that one line made the encounter worth a mention; “I am going to put a prince in your belly.” Cersei now has a neat way to deliver the news of her pregnancy, to both Euron and the rest of Westeros, and definitely seems to have crossed the final line into having zero emotions that aren’t malice and complete power hunger, as she has commissioned Ser Bronn to kill both her brothers. Also, Yara was saved by Theon, who has finally come to his senses, but is leaving her and the safety of the Iron Islands once again (for honourable reasons, so we forgive him).

Cersei and Euron. Image via HBO

Finally, back in the North, the world cheered collectively when Tormund (our favourite ginger), Acting Commander of the Night’s Watch Ed Tollett and Lord of the Light die-hard, Beric Dondarrion all survived the Wall falling, even if their reunion was in such a somber setting as Lord Ned Umber’s death, which was an intense jump scare, can we just say. The final moments of the episode had every person, including Jaime Lannister himself, realising another reunion was on the cards, although Bran was all over it. Bran’s cryptic “waiting for an old friend” line now has every person watching GoT reconsidering the biggest “oh damn” moment the show has ever produced, and we have to wait a whole 7 days to see how it pans out.

jaime lannister game of thrones final season GIF

Best line: 

Sansa: “What do dragons eat, anyway?” Daenerys: “Whatever they want.”

Significant Deaths: 

Lord Ned Umber

Biggest Jaw-Drop Moment: 

Jaime’s (and everyone else’s) realisation/reminder of how much of a dog he used to be.

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