Foxtel releases ‘Foxtel Now’ streaming service to challenge online rivals

Pay TV Broadcaster Foxtel has undergone a radical makeover with the announcement they will be launching all their channels on a brand new broadband service, Foxtel Now. The move sees the broadcaster take a more aggressive approach in light of many customers turning to other streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Foxtel has also undergone a significant re-branding (including a redesigned logo), replacing the likes of Foxtel Play with a more streamlined service. Foxtel Now includes HD streaming on selected devices and the ability to be connected via Google Cast to supported devices. Launching today, the service will be available on the Google Chrome browser for PC and Mac, Telstra TV, iOS and Android devices and Chromecast.

Like all other cable/satellite Foxtel services, Foxtel Now features five entry level packs to match viewer interest. Drama and Pop packs from $15 per month, while Lifestyle, Docos and Kids packs are available at $10 per month each.

For those who join Foxtel purely to watch Game of Thrones – you’re in luck. The company is offering a special discounted deal to access their showcase channel at $15 month.

Foxtel Go will remain as a companion service to the traditional cable/satellite Foxtel services, and for those already subscribed to Foxtel Go, you can sign up from $26 a month to get access to Foxtel Now.

Foxtel’s Chief Executive Peter Tonagh told The Australian this move is the “biggest strategic shift in the 22-year history of Foxtel.”

“We want to transform our business from being known as the pay-TV provider for the premium segment to become known as the premium entertainment provider for all Australians,” said Mr Tonagh at a press briefing in Sydney earlier today.

“We’ve got the content to deliver on that. The thing we haven’t had in the past is the access.”

The re-branding was also done for another reason. Tonagh was frank when he said that many Australians view Foxtel as “aggressive, arrogant, and elitist.”

“The key message [of the re-branding is that] Foxtel is for everyone,” explained Tonagh.

Managing Director, Mark Buckman, echoed many of these statements behind the re-branding of the company.

“At the heart of that is the fact that we believe that great content, and the great content that we have from Australia and around the world, shouldn’t be reserved for the right of the privileged few, but should be at the heart of it available for everybody.”

“A brand is much more than a logo and a word mark. It’s about every experience and every interaction that our customers have with us.”