Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 20

For the game. For the world.

It’s about that time of year again, when your Ultimate Team is looking well-stocked, your career mode is just about done, and your proclubs campaign is winding down. You know it’s just around the corner,  you’re starting to hear whispers, it’s just about time – the new FIFA.

They’re bringing back street mode? No rules will become the default mode?! Lord Bendtner is the cover athlete?!?

Who can filter fact from fiction? Will we ever know about the new game? Or do we have to wait until September?

Fortunately for you, I’ve scoured the internet, checked my sources, and I can bring to you the most comprehensive, accurate, and complete guide to the new FIFA. So strap in, we’ve got a lot to get through.

Release Date

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EA’s new game will become publicly available on the 27 September this year. The cover star is yet to be announced, but given that it’s decided by a fan vote it’ll likely be Ronaldo who graces the cover of the game once more. The demo is expected about a fortnight before the official release.

Game-play Changes

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This year, FIFA has once again upped the ante in terms of realism. There are a number of changes to the look and feel of the game that will make authenticity reign supreme once more. Of course, there are the usual advancements in graphics and gameplay that come with improved technology, but above that, the developers have tweaked a few key features to make the game as realistic as possible.

Ball movement is now much more natural, with the bobbles and changes in direction that one would expect on a natural football pitch. Ball movement in the air has also been taken a step up, with more options when it comes to free-kicks and penalties (we’re talking about that Payet-esque curl).

Defenders have been given a more realistic downgrade, as tracking back to fetch a long ball will be more difficult when racing against a player with better pace. Virgil Van Dijk won’t be beating Bale to the ball anymore, that’s for sure.

Players have been given more control than ever (whether that’s a blessing or a curse is uncertain) as defending and attacking will now be more concentrated around what the actual gamer does. No more power-steering to help you anymore.

Overall, FIFA 20’s gameplay upgrades seem to be completely focused around creating the most realistic depiction of football that one can – and they’ve done a bloody good job of doing just that.

No Juventus?

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Some big news that only just dropped, is that Juventus will no longer feature as a team in the FIFA game. For the first time ever, PES (EA’s rival) have secured the rights to the Juventus name for their own use. As a result, Juventus will likely be called “Turin Black and White” or something in a similar vein. What does this mean for the gamers? Not all that much. FIFA still has the rights to use the players’ names and attributes, the only difference will be the club’s name, badge, and stadium in the FIFA game.

Changes to Existing Modes

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As always, fan favourites like FUT, ProClubs and Career mode aren’t going anywhere. Fans will still get to follow Alex Hunter and his sister in the newest instalment of The Journey. And the ‘house rules’ introduced in the last version are here to stay. Beyond new stories and changes in graphics, nothing has really changed at the core of these stalwart modes.

Volta Mode

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What is big, however, is the brand new (kind of) mode being introduced in this edition of the game. FIFA’s new VOLTA mode is bringing back everything players loved about FIFA Street, and so much more.

Gamers can now pick players, team sizes, and pitches to have a grassroots FIFA experience reminiscent of childhood streetball.

Think NBA 2k’s Blacktop meets FIFA street.

There is a range of pitches to choose from (cages, rooftops, gardens) around the world, and players will love the authentic experience this mode provides. It’ll have a far greater focus on individual skill – when there are fewer players you’re more exposed – and male and female players can be picked side by side on the same team for the first time in the game’s history.

Overall, FIFA 20 looks to be an exciting instalment in a stellar franchise of games, and fans should be keen to get their hands on the newest edition. The improvements and new modes are just too good to miss.

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