The fifth season installment to the Married at First Sight series has taken all of Australia by storm – we’re looking at you hip-hopping Hurricane Dean and Cyclone Tracey.

So where do we begin?

Once upon a time there were three apparent love and relationship “experts” who teamed up 11 couples from all across this heart throbbing nation of ours. They conducted social tests and from there the recipe of long lasting love was made – or so we thought.

The love at first sight for some was so clear that it could make a blind man see. But for others it was lost somewhere in Vanuatu’s waters.

We’ve had a woman in complete denial, a lip licking fanatic, a mummy’s boy and an apparent millionaire (where’s your boat Justin?).

Apart from the several commitment ceremonies we’ve tuned in for and the touching home stays; secretly we can all agree that 85% of the reason why we’ve continued to watch this television series is because of the continuous drama and upheaval it brings us.

Sadly the constant drama allows the remaining 15% of our dedication and attention span to be purely focused on Telv and Sarah’s everlasting love.

Telv and Sarah. Image: Nine The Fix website

Maybe the reason why Australians continue watching this poorly produced reality series is because it fuels the void in our lives. I mean it does add a bit of spice into my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Who cares about finding true love, we’ve stayed on this journey of yours for the drama.

So why are Australians so consumed by this series? Why do we unintentionally believe that this will work for the couples when reports of only two previous contestants actually worked in the real world. Why do we think that “marrying” a person we’ve never met before is okay but turn a blunt eye towards arranged marriages?

What is the difference between an arranged marriage and reality series Married at First Sight?

According to the Statistic Brain Arranged/Forced Marriage Statistics 2018 report there are around 26,250,000 arranged marriages worldwide. Which when put to a statistic comes to a staggering 53.25%. Surprisingly, out of this great number of arranged marriages only 6.3% on a global level end in divorce.

Meanwhile in Australia, the Bureau of Statistics Marriages and Divorces Australia 2016 report recorded that in that year alone there were 46,604 divorces granted out of 118,401 consensual marriages registered.

But comparing the distinct marriage ritual broadcasted on the reality drama series to an arranged marriage conducted by your parents – when it comes down to it there isn’t much of a difference. One is formed by three unknown “experts” who only have an insight to your characteristics based on an audition tape. The other is formed by people you’ve most likely known your entire life.

Which one would I choose? Well I think the above statement speaks for itself.

One thing that’s for sure, I would really like to know why the experts and producers think that this experiment would work based on previous success rates? Why are we still continuing this reality series with as little as one couple actually making it in the real world?

Plus, based on previous and current season contestants it seems that their main intention was to get some sort of national publicity, or to increase their social media following on Instagram (not pointing fingers at Davina and her extravagant 321,000 follow ship).

Davina and Dean. B and T website

This isn’t about true love, nor love at first sight. Just a double tap to see that red heart pop up on a recent picture. Are they all in it for their 15 minutes of fame?

Sadly enough, Davina added that extra bit of spice to the “reality” show. Admittedly the Davina and Dean bombshell had me itching for the next episode. Now with Davina long gone and Ryan’s soft, gentle, tradie heart broken – there’s no drama and blatantly putting it; the show is now boring.

As a result of producers and other contestants being so consumed by the double D drama and their week fling subsequently ending, there’s nothing happening. So without any cliffhangers, producers thankfully created incidents to continue the audience on watching the remaining episodes of the season.

Personally I believe that every other “drama” or “fight” that since happened when Davina and Ryan left, it’s all been fake or pushed by producers to keep their ratings high – fortunately Australian watchers are still hooked and we’re all still madly in love.

But the real revelation from observing another season of cringe worthy, reality drama television just makes us question is this what Australia’s television has come to?

Is this what reality television really is? How genuine can the producers make the series to keep the nation watching for more?

From the conversations, to the relationships, the drama and even down the contestants itself – is it all just a publicity stunt or is it actually love at first sight.