Commitment Kerfuffle : How you felt about MAFS

There was rain, bellowing winds and it was cold outside whilst you were rugged up on the couch – the perfect way to watch a commitment ceremony on Married at First Sight.

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you’re intrigued and slightly addicted to the series. The perfect guilty pleasure.

But don’t worry, you are not alone.

There’s a huge bunch of MAFS lovers out there, and we asked them what they thought about Sunday evening’s episode.

1. First off a little shock horror.

Image via channel 9

Gab wrote to ‘leave’ Nasser.

Well apparently I’m one of the only people who were surprised, as a whopping 82% say they were not shocked. News to me.

48% of people also shared that they simply feel Nasser is not sexually attracted to Gab (don’t worry Gab we love you), followed by 23% thinking Nasser just needs more time and 21% expressing that he is over the whole experiment.

2. Another shock horror to me – Davina.

Image via popsugar.com.au

She actually decided to leave the show.

But I thought she loved being on TV? Didn’t she love the attention?
I wasn’t alone in thinking this, with 48% of people also sharing the opinion that she finally left the show because she had accrued enough instagram followers by now…312,000 to be exact.

However 29% of you have a heart and thought Davina didn’t want to hurt Ryan anymore and knew it was the right thing to do. Let’s all hope that was the real reason behind her sincere gesture.

3. The super suss Blair & Sean.

Image via channel 9

What is going on with them? And why do they only have 30 seconds of air time each week?

Unfortunately that 30 seconds was long enough to break Blair’s heart with Sean writing to ‘leave’.  But now they are stuck together for another seven dramatic days. But do we even care if they work? 56% percent of you let us know that you are SERIOUSLY BORED OF THEM. We feel you.

4. Troy’s love confession.

Image via Channel 9

Oh boy. Troy makes for wonderful television. The quirky guy has a knack for making us laugh whilst also experiencing a high level of discomfort.

And nothing was more uncomfortable than his exclamation of love for a woman who care barely stand to be around him.

We asked the loyal MAFS lovers how they thought Ash felt when she heard the words we all want to hear…
55% said that “no thank you” was running through her head, backed up by 38% who thought she definitely “did not see that coming”.

4% of you lovebirds thought she’d be chuffed by it, but you may just be a smidge love blind.

5. Seven long days ahead

This week is all about the brides showing around their new husbands in their hometowns.
But we’re not sure how smooth sailing it will be.

And apparently you don’t think so either.

When asked who would struggle the most there was a tight split between five troubled couples.
Troy & Ash, Dean & Tracey, Nasser & Gab, Sean & Blair and Carly & Justin.

Good luck to them all.

But that’s our wrap for this week’s commitment ceremony.

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