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The 10 Best Podcasts to Listen To in 2021

Podcasts. Photography by Austin Distel. Image supplied via Unsplash.

Podcasts are a great way to be entertained and stay informed in 2020.

From the best true crime podcasts to news and comedy, here’s our list of the 10 best to get you on the podcasting bandwagon.

You’ll never have to ask “which podcasts should I listen to?” again.

Best News Podcasts

Squiz Today

Squiz Today is a daily podcast that keeps you informed on all the important news stories happening in Australia and around the world. Running between seven and ten minutes long, you can listen to The Squiz while you walk to the train station, eat your breakfast or start your drive to work. Their spin-off show ‘Squiz Shortcuts’ is another helpful podcast, providing deeper context on major news, famous personalities and historical events.

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The Daily

This brilliantly produced podcast from The New York Times dives deep daily into a different news or current affair issue. Topics range from American politics and Harvey Weinstein to a mysterious Indian prince and Kashmir. These episodes run at 20 to 30-minutes long, so you can easily slot them into your day.

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Best True Crime Podcasts


Made in 2014, today the Serial podcast was the first podcast to reach five million downloads and streams in Apple’s history, and is still topping charts today. If you haven’t yet listened, it is a must. This award-winning true crime podcast investigates the murder of a high school student living in Baltimore in 1999. It is not only incredibly well-produced, but the story that unravels will captivate and perplex you long after you finish listening.

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The Teacher's Pet

This fascinating Australian podcast investigates the disappearance of Lyn Dawson, a devoted mother and wife who disappeared from Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1982. It is a captivating and shocking podcast that won reporter and host, Hedley Thomas, a Walkley Award for journalism. The podcast made such a stir that the case has since been reopened. It has been downloaded over 28 million times and has topped podcast charts in Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

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Best Comedy Podcasts

My Dad Wrote A Porno

One of the most well-loved and humorous podcasts available, My Dad Wrote A Porno will have you in stitches. Listen as host Jamie Morton reads out his father’s very amateur erotic novel, all while co-hosts James Cooper and Alice Levine provide commentary and feedback. This is not the type of podcast to listen to on public transport, you’ll be laughing out loud the whole way through.

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Hamish & Andy

Hamish and Andy are podcast royalty after working in radio together for over 15 years. They launched their official podcast in 2018 after leaving radio, and the duo has continued to provide laughs and shenanigans every week. For light-hearted fun and banter, this is the podcast for you.

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Best Informative Podcasts

Just the Gist

Listen as the vibrant and very funny Rosie Waterland tackles a different topic every week in this light-hearted but informative podcast. Rosie provides ‘just the gist’ of her chosen topic to her friend Jacob, with the goal of giving just enough information for him to use in his next dinner conversation. Topics range from the Bachelorette to the Jonestown Massacre and Monica Lewinsky.

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Radiolab is an investigative podcast that goes beyond the conventional. Focusing on a single big idea each week, the podcast is cleverly put together and encapsulating to listen to. A great podcast for the sceptical and curious among us, give Radiolab a listen and open your minds to things you might never have considered before.

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Best Misc. Podcasts

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

A more serious and insightful podcast, Elizabeth Day has a knack for getting the best out of her guests as she questions them about their failures. The podcast celebrates the things that haven’t gone right in life, and as a result, it explores the way its famous guests have managed to succeed. Elizabeth Day is an excellent interviewer, and the podcast is moving, insightful and encouraging.

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This podcast brings the past into the present. Host Jonathan Goldstein accompanies his guests on a journey back in time to events that have haunted or changed them. He guides them through tough conversations, far away trips and awkward reunions. Goldstein does this with hilarious charm and wit, making difficult experiences fun and light-hearted. The podcast is irresistibly enjoyable and you’ll be hooked instantly.

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