Augmented Reality Exhibition at The Galeries

augmented reality the galeries

Let your inner child roam free in the Artists’ Playground

From 1 – 20 March, The Galeries has hidden twelve exceptional artworks in secret locations within the shopping centre and it’s your task is to find them all.

However, your childhood game of hide and seek is getting a twenty-first century twist – your smartphone will bring the artworks to life as you roam around this interactive exhibition. A game wouldn’t be any fun if there were no prizes, and one thing you don’t lose with age is the thrill of a win. Finding all twelve artworks will unlock a secret prize to one of the many stores within The Galeries, including EB Games, Fit Nutrition Fix, Florsheim, Doughnut Time, Jimmy’s Recipe and more.

Come prepared by downloading the EyeJack App (free). Select ‘The Galeries’ from the exhibition options and then choose to ‘Launch AR’ to start your challenge. As you find each artwork, point your phone toward the artwork and see it come to life on your screen! With colour, movement and sound, The Galeries is introducing an entirely new form of art to the CBD.

The artists come from all over the globe, and all have a personal and meaningful message to portray through art and movement. Artists from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Czech Republic and Finland, have all taken part in this innovative and interactive exhibition, which adds an element of childish fun to the beauty and meaning behind art.

The Augmented Reality Exhibition at The Galeries applauds technology in the art world. It encourages the parallel views regarding technology in the world of art and in society. In a world where we are so unconsciously accepting of the composite living between reality and augmented reality, it is only fitting we bring these truths into the art world.

Augmented Reality is on until March 20 2017, and is a free exhibition. 

The Galeries
500 George Street, Sydney CBD
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