Australia’s Best Art Fair Opens Again With A Bang

The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, the working brain child of Barry Keldoulis and his team at Sydney Contemporary, has exploded at the Carriageworks in Redfern – again filling the lovely cavernous old train workshop with color and light and a show worth queuing for.

The goal of the fair – originally the groundbreaking idea of Tim Etchells (who co-founded Art Central and Art Basel in Hong Kong), is to bring the best of new, affordable and collectable art to Sydney, and once again they have delivered; with artists from 32 countries showcasing their brilliant new work in Australia.


Image via Jacquie Manning

Aside from the best of Australia debuting this year, Sydney Contemporary has introduced Pace Gallery, responsible for bringing art from New York, Hong Kong, London and Beijing; and Flowers Gallery, who are also tasked with bringing the latest and greatest work from London and New York.

Sydney Contemporary have delivered all of this this in a bright, well lit space, making the viewing experience a unique and effortless process, ideal for immersing yourself in what’s on offer. With a mix of large scale and smaller exhibitions and three new curated elements, Installation Contemporary, Performance Contemporary, which feature performance and video, the Sydney Contemporary team has curated what can only be described as a ‘full’ experience.


If you are interested in art, particularly contemporary and modern arts, or are an experienced (or budding) collector, or simply looking for an evening highlighting the new ideas emerging around the world – go. The best thing about it isn’t what you’ve seen before, or what you expect to see – it’s as Robert Hughes once put it – The Shock of The New.

What: Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Where: Carriageworks, Redfern

How: Public Transport or a cab (parking is a bugger in Redfern/Chippendale)

Why: The best, newest and most exciting art in a well curated and enjoyable environment. Come for the Art, stay for the Champagne and the buzzy, busy atmosphere

Who: Sydney Contemporary, led by Barry Keldoulis, his team, and James Roth from Deutsche Bank (and the Sydney Biennale Board).

When: 13 – 16 September

Buy: Get your tickets now