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Freeman Vineyards – FREEMAN 2007 Secco

During late 1990s in Northern Italy, I fell in love with Amarone, a wine produced in the region of Veneto by estates that make Valpolicella, a lighter-weight, food-friendly Italian red and one of the most popular wines in Northeastern Italy. Primarily Corvina (usually the leading component in the blend), Rondinella and Molinara are used to produce Amarone.  It was around the same time that Dr Brian Freeman also fell in love with this type of wine.

Freeman Vineyards was established in 1999 by Dr Brian Freeman, previously the Professor of Wine Science at Charles Sturt University in the Hilltops region of New South Wales. A region largely overlooked by expansionist wine companies, Freeman Vineyards is home to FREEMAN ‘Secco’ Rondinella Corvina.

front and back label of wine bottle.

Freeman, who also happened to be one of my wine professors around the same time, went to the extreme and planted the Corvina and Rondinella in his vineyard.

Not only does Freeman plant the Amarone grape varieties, he also diligently follows the wine making practices of the Northern Italians and partially dries the harvested grapes after picking, before the fermentation process. begins The grapes are layered on racks and gently heated in air tunnels at 40 degrees for up to ten days, a process that concentrates flavours and modifies the tannin structure of the seeds. The dried grapes are then added to the fermentation tanks, where the wine is aged for 12 months in a combination of old French and American oak barriques.

The result is an outstanding, smouldering dark wine with an enormous array of alluring aromas and flavours. Cedar, coffee grinds, prune, cinnamon, clove, leather and date flavours all chased each other from the glass. A softly texture wine with a richness that rolled around beautifully on the tongue and lingered endlessly.

And the lamb ragu was a perfect partner for this lead role.

Until next time,
Your Wine Hunter, Jame Gosper.

Freeman Vineyards
101 Prunevale Road, Prunevale NSW
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