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Your Favourite Australian Wine Regions

Yarra valley vineyard from deck

This March we asked you, our Hunter and Bligh readers, which regions from our beautiful wine country are your favourite, and the responses poured in.

With so many diverse and unique climates within Australia, it’s no wonder we produce some of the best wines in the world. With more than 60 designated regions, the variety and quality of Australian produced wine has earned its place as the world’s fourth largest exporter.

Our good friends at United Cellars have partnered with us to uncover some of the hidden gems of Australian Wine. Voted Best Independent Online Wine Retailer 2013 by The Wine Rules, they not only specialise in retailing premium fine wines and spirits, they organise and host numerous events all around the country.

Together we’ve picked some of the best value and most delicious wines from your top four voted wine regions.

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1. Margaret River

view of vineyard

With its rugged, stretching coastline along the Indian Ocean, the Margaret River wine region is a vibrant and popular wine destination for visitors from all around the world. Highly regarded as a producer of influential and elegant Cabernet Sauvignon, the region is capable of producing quality wines of all classic varietals. Over the last 70 years, Margaret River has forged a great reputation for its white wines, notably Chardonnay and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blends.

Now one of the most famous wine regions in Australia, it’s hard to believe that just four decades ago this region was only known for its popular surf spots. With the first commercial vines planted in 1967, it was scientists such as Dr Gladstones who identified it as a prime location for premium wine production.

United Cellars recommends:

Xanadu and Chardonnay

Xanadu ‘Paradise’ Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2015
A true classic Margaret River blend, this beauty not only tastes delicious with notes of citrus and tropical fruits, it also displays intriguing funky characters like passionfruit and frangipani on the nose. Superbly structured with a zesty acidity, this fruit driven blend is simply divine.
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United Cellars Selection ‘Chardonnay By Lenton Brae’ 2016
Made especially and exclusively for the United Cellars customers, this Chardonnay is made from carefully selected fruit from the Lenton Brae Estate. Wonderfully ripe white stone-fruit and a subtle hint of smoky vanilla oak, this vintage is opulent in flavour. Its fine natural acidity and complex mix of citrus, apple and pear flavours makes this one delicious drop.
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2. Barossa Valley

sunset at vineyard at barossa valley

Wine has been ingrained into the way of life in the Barossa Valley since 1842. Today, Barossa is home to more than 550 grape growing families, many sixth generation families still working the same plot of land, supplying quality grapes to more than 170 wine companies.

The best Barossan wines sit alongside some of the great wines of the world with Barossa Shiraz and Eden Valley Riesling leading the way as regional heroes. Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro, Grenache, Semillon and Fortified wines all contributing to Barossa’s standing as one of Australia’s (and the world’s) greatest wine regions.

Barossa incorporates both Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, making it one of the only areas in Australia to have neighbouring warm and cool climate growing conditions. With such diversity in regards to growing conditions and soil types across both valleys, plus vineyards that have been tended by hand for many generations, you are bound to find a wine to call your own.

United Cellars recommends:

Shirza and The Big Show wines

Woods Crampton ‘The Big Show’ 2015
This Barossan Beauty is a blend of 68% Shiraz and 32% Mataro, combining the rich blue fruit, and liquorice flavours of Shiraz with the wild spice of the Mataro. Approachable and fun to drink are two ways to describe this lively, but surprisingly complex red. They were right to call it big!
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Family Wine Growers ‘Reserve’ Shiraz 2014
This straight Shiraz is a great example of why the Barossa is famous around the world. Seductive and silky this ruby-red delight smells of blackberry and plums with a touch of spice. Its bold dark berry flavours and hints of chocolate make for such easy drinking.
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3. Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley vineyard

This iconic wine region is so close to Sydney yet truly a world away. The Hunter Valley is considered the birthplace of Australian Wine, with over 150 premium wine producers, 60 tempting restaurants and 180 inviting places to stay, it’s truly something to experience. Although the Hunter Valley produces less than 2% of Australia’s wine, it can lay claim to some of the industry’s oldest and most well-known wine making families.

This region consistently produces an impressive, award-winning array of varieties and styles, however, it is Semillon that has put the Hunter Valley on the world wine stage. The diversity and sophistication of wine styles and varieties ensures that people of all tastes can enjoy and fall in love with a Hunter Valley wine.

Hunter Valley Shiraz has established itself as one of Australia’s greatest red wine styles. Food friendly and medium bodied, much like Hunter Valley Semillon, its origin is often reflected very clearly. So strong is Semillon’s connection with the terroir of the Hunter Valley, the style cannot been replicated anywhere else in the world. Hunter Valley Semillon is widely regarded as Australia’s unique white wine – a style unlike all others, based on unique climatic conditions, Australian ingenuity and more than 180 years of practice.

United Cellars recommends:

Tyrell's and Silkman wines

Tyrrell’s Hunter Valley Semillon 2016
A brilliant example of Hunter Valley Semillon, this vintage hits all the high notes. With a great concentration of flavours and excellent balance of fruit and acid, this is definitely a wine for all occasions.  We can’t get enough of those citrus and grapefruit flavours.
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Silkman Shiraz 2014
This more bold, medium-bodied Hunter Shiraz is a wine that holds great intensity and persistence. Well-structured with aromas of mulberry and blueberry, this strong, layered Shiraz seems to keep going and going.
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4. Yarra Valley

Yarra valley vineyard from deck

The world’s great wines evoke a sense of place and tell a story of the land, the season and the grape. The Yarra Valley is now recognised as one of Australia’s foremost cool climate wine producing regions, capable of making classic styles from a wide range of varieties.  The Yarra Valley offers fine sparkling wines, exceptional Chardonnay, complex Pinot Noir and world class Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Situated just 45 kilometres east of Melbourne’s CBD, the Yarra Valley is a large and diverse region –  so diverse, it is hard to make any conclusive observations when you consider the range of influences. From both Mediterranean and continental climates, elevation ranging between 50 – 1250m, the influence of the Great Dividing Range, and a number of different soil types all play a role in the final characteristics of the wines produced. All these influences in addition to the standard factors such as varying rainfall, temperatures and wind contribute to the dynamic and varied region that continues to challenge and excite. It is the geology of the Yarra Valley that ultimately dictates varietal plantings and their resulting expressions.

To pigeon hole the Yarra into one box is to omit what ultimately makes the Yarra so exciting – its diversity!

United Cellars recommends:

Yering Station and Drake wine

Yering Station ‘The Elms’ Pinot Noir 2015
Sourced from one of Yarra Valley’s finest producers, this fresh and flavoursome Pinot Noir is excellent value and a damn good drink. With red cherry aromas and a delightful perfume of violets, the flavours of red berries are only enhanced by its delicate spicy and floral notes. If youre looking for a quality cool-climate Pinot, look no further.
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Drake Samson Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2016
Sourced from a single vineyard planted in 2001, this new wave Yarra Chardonnay is a rewarding experience. A fresh and lifted nose with aromas of white peach, a hint of melon and subtle notes of a struck match blends perfectly with the fruit driven palate. Toasty oak and exotic fruit, what more could you want from a Chardonnay?
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