Put some culture into your home bar with these top-rated French gin brands!

No need to excuse your French! France is well-known for its exquisite wines, which explains why their gins are just as sophisticated. Many of them take on the fastidiousness that is expected in French winemaking, with many gin distillers sharing ties with the French wine industry.

Of course, the first cardinal rule of gin making is showcasing the juniper berry. And French gin is no exception! But juniper berry is never the only ingredient. Across the world, gin distillers blend in their own unique flavours, bringing forth the story of their place and history. And you can expect this with gin from France.

To prove their worth as delectable gin makers, we’ve created a list of the best French gin brands you need to try in 2023. Santé!

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Synonymous with citrus and a fresh sea breeze, Citadelle is the artisanal French gin set to stir up the discerning Australian consumer. The humble juniper berry – grown and cultivated on the Southern French estate, where the Citadelle journey first began – is the conductor of flavour, blended harmoniously with 19 botanicals. To name a few, Citadelle includes the likes of coriander, cumin, nutmeg, liquorice, blackcurrant and orange zest. Fragrant, delicate and demanding attention, this distinguished drop is one of the best French gin brands you need to try sooner rather than later!

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If you’re looking for a French gin brand that exudes traditional distilling methods, Houndstooth gin is for you. This highly satisfying drop is made with traditional ingredients at their French distillery. True to their nature, Houndstooth gin is best enjoyed by keeping it simple: topped with a generous serving of ice, tonic and lime. A great staple that every gin drinker should have in their home bar, this is one French gin brand to try out in 2023!

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<strong>La Plancheliere</strong>
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La Plancheliere

If you’re looking for a French pink gin, chances are you’re thinking of La Plancheliere. Unlike others, La Plancheliere gin is best served on ice to showcase its elegant colour. But, this is also thanks to its smooth body and tender flavours. It is pretty in pink too, with notes of juniper berries and a subtle blend of herbs and zesty notes of citrus and strawberry. Nicely balanced with a delightfully complex palate that features strawberry flavours on the finish, we recommend serving with a fruity dessert.

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Claiming awards from many corners of the globe, the Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin is quintessentially dry and perfectly French. It encapsulates the true London Dry style, featuring 12 citrus, floral and herbal botanicals found throughout Provence – either wild or cultivated. And, in keeping with Mirabeau’s heritage as a winemaking estate, they add 10% of their Provence Rosé to the final macerate before distillation. The grape flavours add a round softness of this unmistakably French gin.

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