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Flamingo Lounge breathes life into Potts Point

staircase leading up the front door and verandah of Hugo's Lounge, with patrons walking up

Finally, the day has come: Hugo’s Lounge has come back from the dead sporting Miami glamour, pastel colours and a sea of neon flamingos.

Flamingo Lounge has finally open its doors following months of touch-ups and teases from the venue’s Instagram. The iconic Potts Point venue, Hugo’s Lounge went into voluntary administration in 2015 following Baird’s detested lock-out laws, but the men behind Casablancas have breathed life into the multi-storied, much-loved venue.

Flamingo Lounge promises a sophisticated atmosphere to attract Sydney’s “elites” and boasts a lengthy yet classic cocktail menu with some quirky names: “Clementhyme Sour”, “Becky With The Good Hair” and “Miami Liaison”. Flamingo’s will have many odes to Hugo’s, including a classic pizza menu with everyone’s favourites. If the bar’s high-class, Miami glamour theme is anything to go by, punters can expect Cuban art deco architecture, mixed media print walls, a leopard print feature room, and pastel hues throughout the Lounge’s Terrace and Discotheque.

The venue’s stylish architecture, decor and atmosphere is perhaps an attempt to ensure the Lounge doesn’t become a hotspot for alcohol-induced violence: the venue describes itself as having a “fanciful atmosphere exuding boho luxe” and implement a strict smart casual dress code similar to its neighbours. Being at the centre of Sydney’s (in)famous Kings Cross, Flamingo’s are still required to adhere the 1:30am lockout and 3am last drinks and will surely attract curious and inquisitive punters.

Eric Jury, the man behind Hugo’s rebirth and Double Bay’s Casablanca nightclub originally thought to establish Flamingo’s as a pop-up while Casablanca shut down to make way for residential developments. But it seems Jury has warmed up to Potts Point even after lock-out laws threatened to decimate the suburb’s nightlife.

Flamingo Lounge opened on September 22 and promises only the best hospitality. October 1 marks the return of Sneaky Sundays NITE Edition which has a lineup of Connie Mitchell and Black Angus of Sneaky Sound System. Say hello to your new go-to Sydney venue!

Flamingo Lounge
Where: 33 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point
Open Friday to Sunday, 7pm-3am

Featured Image: Facebook