First of all, a change of leadership is the last thing the country wants or needs.

However, Malcolm Turnbull has now revealed he will resign as Prime Minister if a spill motion is carried against him, saying that “I will treat that as vote of no confidence and I will not stand as a candidate in the ballot”. 

With growing pressure from Peter Dutton (aka Potato, Voldemort) and now Scott Morrison to take leadership, we asked our Hunter and Bligh members what they thought about the leadership fiasco – and what we we discovered, was quite interesting.
The majority of our Australian readers prefer Julie Bishop as leader of the Liberal Party, taking the lead with 42% of the vote. She is then followed by Malcolm Turnbull with 25%, Peter Dutton 17%, Tony Abbott 7% and lastly, Scott Morrison and Christopher Pine on 4% each.

Move over gentlemen, the country wants someone who has proven herself as an intelligent, driven and straight talking role model for the job.

New reports are also suggesting that Julie Bishop will indeed throw her hat in the ring, after growing pressure for the Foreign Minister to step up.

But will this change of leadership be a waste of time? Have the Liberal party handed over the next election to Labour?

71% of our readers stated that a political party should not be allowed to change leaders once they have been voted in – thus proving to have upset many voters.
But we’ve certainly had a fair share of political back-stabbings…how could we forget Malcolm Turnbull ousting Tony Abbott (karma is coming), Julia Gillard ousting Kevin (07) Rudd, then Rudd of course taking vengeance and kicking out Julia, which 34% of our readers said was the most ‘unjust’ political stabbing.

With the political soap opera rolling out, all that’s left to do is sit back and watch the unfortunate demise of Malcolm Turnbull. Our only issue now is which petty drama we want to watch more, Federal Politics or the Bachelor? (Thank you Betoota Advocate, Australia’s number 1. political commentator.)

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