The Lip Lab: leading the makeup revolution

The Lip Lab burst onto the cosmetics scene in 2015, and now owners Courtney and Kimberley Treacy are leading the makeup industry towards complete customisation with 14 stores across the country.

Since 2014, customised cosmetics have become more and more attractive to makeup lovers desperate for the perfect coverage and colour. Sisters Courtney and Kimberley quickly caught on to the burgeoning trend and were driven to make their mark by creating a massive range of customisable products.

The Lip Lab creates bespoke foundation or concealer that matches your unique tone in 30 minutes, and can whip up exclusive lipstick and lip glosses in just 15 minutes with their high-speed, centrifugal blending machine.

The sisters began spreading their concept after their first store opened in Paddington in November 2015. Globally-recognised brands such as Fenty, MAC and Clinique began thriving at the same time after releasing diverse ranges of foundation colours and now The Lip Lab is a strong frontrunner in the customised cosmetics industry.

A visit to The Lip Lab is a truly immersive and bespoke experience: a quick consultation will help the Lab’s makeup connoisseurs determine what colours will best match your skin tone. If you’re looking for a lipstick or gloss, a consultant will take on board your ideas to bring them to fruition.

Every element of the product is customised, with pigments selected from a collection of over 1000 shades and a range of textures. The Lip Lab also offers lip plumpers, SPF or anti-ageing properties and give you an option of selecting a matte, gloss, creamy or vegan base comprised of bespoke colour combinations.

To finish off, frost or glitter effects can be added and the ultimate personal touch – naming your custom-made product.

When designing a personalised foundation or concealer, The Lip Lab take your skin concerns into account as well as your coverage and finish preferences. Whether you prefer a matte or dewy finish, sheer, medium or full coverage, the Lab can suit your needs by blending multiple shades together. For those wanting a little more, moisture enrichment, oil controlling mattifier and SPF are available.

Each and every Lip Lab product has a flawless texture with no bubbles or lumps, allowing precision blending.

Lipsticks are just $65, foundation $75 while concealer, lip gloss, lip liner, lip brushes, nail polish and candles are all $30 or less. To get your hands on an exclusive and unique product made just for your skin tone, book an appointment with The Lip Lab on their website.

The Lip Lab
Where: 308 Oxford Street, Paddinton
When: Open most days, 10am-5pm
More info here