Ten Incredible Instagrams If You Love Photography

iphone with instagram open and camera on table

Experience a whole new world through your phone.

According to Instagram’s latest release, there are more than 600 million people using the social media platform. And that stat is from December 2016.  Instagram has become a powerful tool since its launch in 2010, and has evolved into a large community for diversity and expression. The social media platform has also become a great tool for photographers to showcase their work, but also for travellers to document their journey. And even for those who are seeking inspiration or a break from their busy day, it’s the perfect distraction.

So embark on this journey with us as we go on an adventure around the world.

Simone Bramante – @brahmino

{ Empty City } 1/3 • When you find golden canals, alone, just you with your dreams. #whatitalyis

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Simone Bramante describes himself as a storyteller, and his magical and captivating images will leave you mesmerised by his fairytale life. He is constantly travelling around the world and documenting his experiences on Instagram. We promise following him will inspire you to book a spontaneous adventure quickly.

Lauren Bullen – @gypsea_lust

Magic ✨

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Lauren Bullen lives a care free and adventurous life, travelling the world and photographing her journeys. The Australian born, 23-year-old, blonde bombshell taught herself the ins and outs of photography and now permanently travels the world with her partner Jack Morris (@doyoutravel), a well-known travel photographer.

Asa Sjostrom – @asasjostromphotography 

Asa Sjostrom is a documentary photographer and photojournalist based in Sweden. Her goal is to shed light on social issues, particularly those concerning women and children through the images she captures on her Instagram page. Her intimate photos hold the purpose of raising awareness and creating international understanding by sharing real issues she’s witness to on a daily basis.

Josh Packer – @packtography

Josh Packer can always be found ‘somewhere awesome’ in Idaho. He captures beautiful scenery and old rustic barns, to show that Idaho is much more than just potatoes. You will be amazed and inspired by his perfectly crafted Instagram page.

Brooke Saward – @worldwanderlust

Planning this year’s Europe Escape and can’t help but to reminisce on these morning views 😍✨

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24-year-old, Brooke Saward shares her incredible adventures on her Instagram page which boasts an impressive 616k followers. She has been travelling frequently to different destinations since the day she graduated from university. Her one-way ticket to London has taken her all over the globe, from major Cosmopolitan cities to more exotic, natural locations.

Earth Pics – @earthpix 

While Earth Pics tend to reblog photos rather than post original content, they are a huge travel account with almost 11 million followers and growing. They post breathtaking images, to give you a bit of inspiration for your next holiday adventure. This photo above was reblogged from incredible photographers @seascaping.

Altug Galip – @kyrenian

‘Everything you can imagine is real’ Pablo Picasso… Lago di Braies, Italy💚🚣🏽😊

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Altug Galip is a worldwide traveller who takes photography to the next level. His images are so captivating and you’ll find yourself scrolling all the way down to the depths of his early Instagram.

Robert King – @king_roberto

The Lost City 🐪🐪

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Robert King’s Instagram is full of colour and beauty. He has a unique approach to understanding the wonders of nature, which is why we had to include him as one of our favourites. His Instagram is viewed through the lens of an explorer, able to capture the true essence of a place with one simple photograph.

Johannes Hulsch – @bokehm0n

Golden memories.

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Johannes Hulsch is a talented photographer from Germany, who can effortlessly capture the true grace and beauty of a place. His mystical, eery theme to landscape photography strips all the external influences from the Earth and captures her in her most isolated, most natural state.

Onder Turkman – @onthere 

Happy Happy Sunday 😎 #positano

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Onder Turkman’s Instagram gives us a new appreciation for the Earth we live on. He uses his photography skills to show others the world through his eyes. He has ventured far and wide, so if you’re looking for a new holiday destination, look to Onder as he has the gift of capturing locations in their most beautiful and most fun state.